YouTube Restricted mode (not "Safe Search" mode)?


It seems that turning on YouTube “Safe search” mode in KoalaSafe adds restrictions beyond YouTube Restricted mode available in browsers. To see it for yourself:

  1. Turn on your regular wifi (not KoalaSafe).
  2. Navigate to
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and set “Restricted: On”

You will see videos, but no discussions (comments).

Then repeat these steps using your KoalaSafe network with YouTube “Safe search” mode on.

You will see no videos.

Can you please add a setting that just replicates the YouTube standard Restricted:On setting, and locks it in place across all browsers and apps and devices?


Hi @ruhbehka, that’s an interesting one and hasn’t been reported before. We’ll check it out and revert back.

Thoughts @adam?


Oh good, i thought it was just me.


Hi @garfin, @ruhbehka,

There do seem to be differences with YouTube SafeSearch depending on how it is enabled. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over this, it is a Google Service.



They have now exposed this to 3rd parties and you can choose Strict or Moderate inside the KoalaSafe app


Does anyone know if this will affect the YouTube app on the Roku as well?


My daughter tells me she can no longer read or post comments on YouTube. I’m happy for her to have this access when in Primary mode. How do I enable this? Thanks


Google sets what is and isn’t enabled in restricted mode. They disable comments as part of the protection, this isn’t customisable.