Whitelisting Zoom


What whitelist is required for Zoom (video conferencing) to work?

I ask since our local schools are starting to use it for doing school from home.



If you go into filters, select the relevant filter and click on “allowed by me” and the click the plus - then add

That will allow all of Zoom.us and should be enough.



Well that was annoying

The forum converted the URL to ad ad for zoom

Just enter

zoom dot us

As the urls in the allowed by me filter

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Thanks David. With Koala’s support gone silent your support is most appreciated. Your ministry’s work looks awesome. I really like Koala for our family and hope the service will keep going for a while, so your help to others is great.
Best regards from the banks of the Mississippi river.



Thanks for the info. this was helpful.
While this does work, It would be nice to have the option to turn it on and off much easier. We have noticed a lot of unnecessary video chats going on with friends. So, in order to only allow when needed for teacher meetings, I have to delete it from the school profile and re-add it.