What's the best way to handle visitors / guests?


I’m unsure how to best set up KoalaSafe to manage adult guests in our home. It seems my choices are:

  • give adults the password to our “real” wifi network (not ideal: my kids are likely within earshot)
  • give them access to our “default” Koala network with parent-mode enabled (not ideal: I really don’t want to log what my adult guests do while online)

I’m also not entirely clear as to what will happen when a child visitor comes to our home with their own device. If I have the default Koala profile set to parent mode, and my kids know the password to the Koala network…

  • Will the child-guest’s device be automatically added to the default Koala profile (and thus be in parent mode)?
  • Will my own kids be able to do something to make their device “forget” the Koala network, then re-join under the default (parent mode) profile?

Is there a better way to set up the default profile? (Is it a poor choice to enable parent-mode on that profile by default?)



Hi @ruhbehka. Great question.

OK, so option 1 is the best from a technology standpoint. Your guests go on your real wifi and Koala is not involved. If you can solve the earshot issue, that’s the way to go.

The second option of having the “Everyone Else” profile in parent mode also (sort of) works. When KoalaSafe is in parent mode, it doesn’t log anything. As you rightly pointed out though, if your child’s friends join, they would automatically go into Parent Mode, so no, that’s not a great option.

In answer to your question about your kids devices being forgotten… no, it doesn’t work like that. If you’ve put them in a profile, they’ll stay there.

So, I think you have two real options for your guests:

  1. Your main network (with whispering!)
  2. A “Adult Guest” profile in KoalaSafe in Parent Mode.

When a guest arrives, they join KoalaSafe and you move their device to that profile. Because it’s in Parent Mode, you see no monitoring.



@steven_pack – I think the options you presented are good. The only downside of moving adult guests to a different profile is if it creates more inconvenience for me or my adult guest than is worth for the situation.

The other hybrid option I have used is to set “Everyone Else” profile to Parent Mode, set to expire at end of day. Depends on who is visiting, adults, kids, and balancing convenience for myself and guests vs. filtering for kids, etc., but sometimes that’s a better compromise option.

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HI @Jkg188,

I would just write down the Adult password and destroy it once the adult is on the adult network.



I would like the default profile to have some restrictions (that is, not Parent Mode). This way, if I’m not home and an older teen has a guest, my teen can give the friend the password.

However, I don’t necessarily want to track my teen’s friend’s usage. Is there a way to create a hybrid mode that a) has restrictions that I choose, but b) does not track usage?



Hi @javster1, no, you can’t currently opt out of monitoring - only Parent Mode does that. It’s a good suggestion though to give that finer grain level of control.



Hello Steven,
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