What happened to Koalasafe staff?


These forums used to be a buzz with Koalasafe staff chiming in to assist others and often responded quickly. I don’t see that anymore? Maybe I’m missing it somehow? I used to love how quickly staff helped out and responded to issues.

Thank you.



Crickets? :frowning:



@adam ? Wondering if this might get someones attention. Really wondering what happen to the koalasafe crew that was out here?



This is the very reason I refuse to upgrade to the Dome. It’s an awesome device that has done serious problems and nobody to talk to.

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Ditto. I think the dream is over…



I opened a ticket with support on this a while back. Try reaching out to them. support@koalasafe.com They responded there. I think they are moving to a different support solution. They just haven’t done a good job of doing it in a customer service friendly way. Hopefully. Still makes me nervous it’s so quiet over here. :slightly_frowning_face:



Also having the problem. No repsonse from support.
I am going to return the device while I still can



Just wondering if there is some clarity on the level of Koala support that’s available? I’m trying to decide between the Dome product or the 2nd Gen Circle product. Don’t want to buy hw if the company won’t be around to support it.



I’m sad to say there isn’t because I’m happy with my KoalaSafe but I think this picture tells the story well enough since @adam provided the majority of support here




KoalaSafe support seems to be nonexistent. Keep in mind if you by a 2nd Gen. Circle you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to unlock all of the features. 1st Gen. features aren’t locked behind a paywall. Also, if you get a router with Circle built-in you’ll be stuck behind the same paywall as 2nd Gen.


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I’d like to report a very positive experience which I have just had with Koalasafe Support. I’ve been using a Dome for 10 months now, with no problems whatsoever. A couple of days ago, it stopped transmitting a wifi signal and the middle light was flashing green. I emailed Support at 2.42 pm on a Sunday, and got a reply from them half an hour later. I tried what they suggested - reset it and I sent them a screengrab of the Diagnostics page at 4.50pm. It still didn’t work after the reset. I got a reply at 6.30pm, stating that Support had done a remote reset of my Dome, and I was to leave it for an hour, then try again. I left it overnight (I am in AUS, I think Support are in USA) and in the morning found that I had a wifi signal from it again, and after re-entering wifi SSID and password, all working as normal now. So I had very fast and helpful support from the Koalasafe Support Team. Many thanks for your help, Isma.

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