Using a second hand Koala Safe device


I just bought a Koala Safe device in an Amazon clearence store, the device was purchased by someone who registred the unit but then decided to return the unit.
I wrote to several times requesting help but nobody replied so far.Seems that they don’t pay attention to the customers.
Any one can help me to gain access to the Koala Safe device?? When I try to pair the unit the application replies indicating that the unit is already registred to another account.
I requested support to contact the email that is attached to this account to explain the case and request the former user to release the unit, but support don’t answer my messages.
I provided the mac address of the unit.
Expecting help and support with this issue.


It does require support to release the old account unfortunately. When did you first contact them?

They are in the US so need to consider Timezone differences if you are elsewhere in the world.

I would help if I could but I can’t. Support have normally responded to me within 24hrs or so during the US week.

I have asked them to add a feature to allow the unit to be reset. They initially cited a security issue stating that they don’t want the kids to disassociate the account from the parents and associate them with their own. However if the kids have that much access to the koala safe then there are bigger issues. Also it would not last long as the parents would work it out pretty quickly.

It is a pain.