Unpairing old Koalasafe to pair new Dome


I’ve just received the new Dome unit and want to unpair my existing old Koalasafe unit. You have send an email outlining how to unpair the old unit by going to app.koalasafe.com, settings and clicking on unpair. My problem is that neither option to pair or unpair exists on the app. Can you please explain further.

Regards, Phil


I noted that the email said something about matching addresses. I had a different email address for the newsletter and the koala app. Hence, no pair/unpair for me.

I emailed and they detached the old koala from my account.
Haven’t got the new one working but … any time now…


Same issue for me. Can’t see any option to unpair old unit. I’m using the same email address.


Same Issue. I tried from my phone’s web browser, my computer’s web browser, and just to check, the app. No Pair or Unpair option exists. I don’t want to have to resetup my complex network… Please help.


If you don’t see the option, email support with your order number and they’ll do it.



Another trick - I had to actually go settings->logout and then log in again before things worked. Closing the app/browser/rebooting the phone/computer didn’t do it…


This did not work for me. Logging out and back in does not show any unpair or pair option in the portal.


To anyone that’s interested I’ve just used another email account to login to the app and configure the dome.


I need to be up and running sooner than later. I run the 35 laptop IT for a very small school. I need to update the computers for the new school year.


They had me unpaired in less than ten minutes! Wow! Now, if they can get my new Dome to pair. . . Additionally I received connection instructions for the old KoalaSafe (the Dome is designed completely differently). Really?!


I also have this problem.

Very frustrating

Why punish loyalty?