Unfair Blocked Sites


I’m actually one of the children whose parents use koalasafe to limit my wifi. I have a complaint about which websites are actually blocked. My parents are relatively controlling, and so they decided to block a lot of websites through the different type categories section. They blocked social media, gaming, videos, and probably other websites that I don’t know about. I have a complaint about the blocking system. The way koalasafe decides which websites to block is horrendous. There are many sites that I can’t access for illogical reasons. For example, the Dark Tower (a series of books by Stephen King) wiki is blocked because it is filed under gaming for some reason. In another example, blogger is blocked because it is under social media. This is especially infuriating because blogger.com is a site that I need for schoolwork. I’m fine if koalasafe decides to block actual game websites like agar.io (I don’t use those sites anyways), but blocking the wiki for a book series just makes no sense. Please, please fix your blocking system.