Two koalas sharing account / config


Hi there,
I have a KoalaSafe at home, and I’m thinking of purchasing a second unit or maybe a dome for a different place. Could I use the same account and settings for both of them?


I have that setup but you can’t have them both on the app at the same time.

I have one at our house and one at my parents house (the kids grandparents)

I have to sign out of the “koala at home” and sign into “koala at grandpas” if I want to control their one, and then sign out and back into home again.

A bit of a pain.

I also have a demo koala - I sign my iPad into the demo and keep my phone signed into our home/parents one.

It is a bit of a pain, but I understand that multiple koala’s is not a typical situation although I can see that this type of need will be in the increase as people understand the benefits of having the product in multi-homed families.



Thanks Dywilson,

OK, having to log on and out of both Koalas is a bit of a pain, but I can surely live with that. But my main concern is about configuration sync. I’d like to have both devices with the same config, so when I update a setting it automatically gets applied to boths units. That’s why I thought about using both of them under the same account, basically.

Do you think there’s a way to achieve that?



Oh - not currently. There is no way to even export the config.

I reckon it’s worthy of a feature request to at least initially export a config and import into another account or better still to have two accounts sharing the same settings.