Time budget versus time window (Cumulative time)


This is a must for me as well!


Dear all, thank you for the request. I am currently piloting Koala Safe and without time budgets, using it requires quite a bit of rigidity. This is also important as we would like to communicate as much trust as possible and having unnecessary limits makes this very difficult.

Given that “steps are taken” and the timing feature is present, I would like to ask again: can you please give an estimate of when this feature will be implemented? In my opinion, t is really a must.

Thanks in advance!


I have posted this 9 days ago without getting a reply - this itself is not really encouraging.

In the meantime, I have put Koalasafe in place. Now I do see the usage and it is even more frustrating not to have the ability of cumulative time restriction. Still believe that pinning internet usage to specific time points is bad because of the artificial rigidity it introduces into family life - it might actually block nice offline activities such as a spontaneous board game that the window opens right at the same time!

So please, give an estimate when this will be implemented!


Hi, How do you set an amount of time without choosing a schedule? I want to set a couple of hours a day for internet use for one profile, but that time can be used whenever. So for example I want to allow 2 hours of usage on weekdays, and 4 hours on weekends. It can be used at any time of the day, but once the 2 or 4 hours is used up then the connection turns off until the next day.

How do I set that up please?


My post was moved here after starting a thread on this. But it looks like this was brought up in 2015. Surely it’s been implemented by now? It was one of the main reasons I brought KoalaSafe. I just want to put in my daughter’s profile that she can use the internet between, for example 9am and 7pm for 2 hours. Then she can use that 2 hours as she likes, all at once, or in small blocks. Maybe she could earn extra time that I could add or something. Is this possible yet?


Hi I think if using time budgets it would be fine to get the user to start the timer when they want to go on the internet, and stop it when they are done if that is before the end of the time available. The act of deciding to spend my budgetted time now is useful self regulation and planning - the mental functions that are overridden by addictve gaming and video streaming.