Teen getting around koalasafe


I am trying to work out how my 14 year old is getting around Koalasafe. I looked at the Settings - Internet accounts on his Macbook and it listed LPSS Serial Adapter 2. I don’t know what this is - would it be the way he is subverting the blocking? If so, how do I stop him? I have already blocked Proxies and VPNs. If this is not how he is doing it, what else should i check for?



If anyone else has a separate login to the laptop and you also have another apple device such as an iPhone or iPad which uses a different WiFi network - e.g. I use the WiFi built into my Telstra gateway and the kids use KoalaSafe - other than KoalaSafe then the laptop will AUTOMATICALLY sync the WiFi details and password using your account and your sons laptop will just automatically connect to the unrestricted WiFi. If this is what’s happening then he’s not doing it deliberately. It’s an unfortunate ‘feature’ of Apple accounts being too clever syncing details across devices.

If this is what’s happening then the only way I know to ‘fix’ it is for you to use the KoalaSafe unit for all your devices as well, or for you to log into his laptop and sign out of your iCloud account settings from his laptop which will stop the laptop syncing any of your settings you use on other apple devices.

If there’s another way I’d love to know it. I’ve researched this on Apple’s support forums and its a not uncommon issue.