Swap koala unit


I had a koala unit which was fried by a power surge. Bought a replacement. Have emailed support@koalasafe.com twice with no reply because I have read on the discussion forum that this is the only way to swap the unit registered to an account. No answer to either email… which is absolutely woeful “support”.

Please contact me ASAP to so that I can register the new unit in my account.

Also, it is completely ridiculous that there is no option to do this yourself within the app.



Thanks for sharing. Perhaps I need to move on. I really liked the product, features and would buy one from ebay and adapt if that was possible. Best of luck



Pretty poor customer support. The product itself has been great but absolutely no response to any email I have sent or to this message from Koala “support”.

I ended up having to create a new account and associate the new device to that account since there seems to be no option to change the device that is linked to an account. Annoying… because that meant reconfiguring all of my kid’s profiles and settings.

Previously I would have recommended this product. I still think it’s the best on the market. But customer support has been woeful and for that reason I am no longer willing to recommend it to others.



Were you ever able to get a response from the Koala support people? I’ve been looping for support, as well for a device that doesn’t seem to be acting correctly. Thanks for any advice on how to reach them.



Same for me usually they are very helpful and get things done, i just bought a device from eBay to replace a broken ne and now i cannot get it unbound from the last account been trying for nearly 2 weeks now. extremely disappointed i work in children’s service and i use a lot of these to safeguard the young people we care after. time to find alternative device if they do not get sorted out. any alternative device recommendations welcome.



I recently was able to get new KoalaSafe Dome off eBay and based on reviews I read on Amazon about the Dome, it wasn’t going to be easy to get a hold of Koala customer service and ‘unbind’ your old KoalaSafe router.
So the suggestion was to create a brand new account on Koala using a different email and recreate all your profiles from scratch.
Yes it may be very tedious and will take a while if you have a lot of blocked or allowed sites.
But given all the complaints on here about Koala not responding to customer service emails, I basically did a screen dump of each profile’s settings including allowed & blocked sites. Then I manually retyped them into the new Koala account I created that was linked with the Dome I just got.

For my 14 and 8 year old kids, Koala still does what I need it to do as far as restricting their internet access to limited hours. And it appears the Koala servers are still up and running since I’m able to add sites to be blocked or allowed on the Dome via the iOS app or webpage. I just hope they can keep the servers up and running even though their customer service seems to have vaporized.

Perhaps it’s due to COVID their customer service is not replying but you would think they’d at least be able to have an auto-reply or some message saying what’s going on.



I’m really not sure what happened to their customer service. I have been very pleased with them in the past specifically Adam. He was always so very helpful. I just checked and it looks like the last time I received a response from him was in May. It’s disappointing because I have used Koala for many years, and it really does work great.