Snapchat Stories


I have allowed Snapchat on my child’s profile, but he is saying that the “story” feature is blocked. When I change to parent mode, the story feature is allowed. How do I set the profile so stories are allowed,




My kid had a similar problem. Under Social Media I had it turned OFF but for the listed social media sites I ALLOWED them individually. Though I ALLOWED her to use Snapchat, she could not use all of Snapchat’s features. So what I did to correct the problem; under Social Media I turned it ON, allowing ALL Social Media sites, then individually turned off the ones I did not want her to use. She was then able to use all of the features of Snapchat. I have no idea why it worked, but it did. Not sure if this is your solution or not, but thought I’d post it anyway. Take care.

J. R.


Is anything obvious showing up as blocked in the usage reports?