Setting Time Limits Per Device


My daughter has 2 devices on her profile. A phone and a ROKU box. Her schedule is already set for both items. What I want to do is set a temporary schedule for 45 minutes of no internet for only the phone, but allow the ROKU box to continue to have internet under the current schedule.

Reason for this. I am a parent who does not like to repeat myself. What she does is, rushes through dinner and runs to her phone. Dinner is 45 minutes. On my old Router I had it set where I could disconnect only her phone for 45 minutes. She was learning that no matter what, during the 45 minuter dinner time, she will not have internet on her phone so, she might as well eat a proper dinner and take her time. Now that we have Koalasafe, that feature is gone so she is back to rushing through dinner and back on her phone. Yes, I could just tell her to sit at the table until dinner is over, but she’s only learning to stay because I said so. She needs to learn to stay because that’s the appropriate thing to do. We do not always sit for 45 minutes, but that is still the allotted time for dinner. When she goes to other people’s homes for dinner, she will have learned, stay at the table until everyone else is done. As it stands now, her phone is her reason to leave. Remove the reason, and she will slowly learn to stay at the table, which she was learning. The phone is useless to her without the internet. Therefore, no internet, no point in running to it. Sit and have a nice relaxing dinner. There are other times when I only want her phone to have no internet access, but do not mind her ROKU box having access. She has ADHD so when cleaning her room, having her TV on helps. But having the phone on, does not. Nothing gets done with the phone being on. Plenty does when it’s off.

Is there a way to set a temporary time limit “per device” on an individual profile and not affect the other devices on that same profile? Dinner is not always at the same time, so this isn’t going to be some set temporary time, it will vary each day. Thank you.



Hi @jross9,

No not at the moment, you could move the device into a different profile for that period as a workaround.
I’ve moved this to the features request category so it’s added to the list of things to consider as future improvements.



Hi @jross9 ,
I’m in similar position , and had profile up devices for my both my sons - its not ideal as I understand there is resource limit on the koala.

There is discussions on a limit per category per profile - so hopefully that will come soon ? - as I see this sort of request a few times across the forum.



Thank you, Coderus. I will keep an eye out for any new updates. Take care.



Thank you, Adam. I created a TIME OUT folder and granted it no wifi access. So, any device that they need to take time away from, I will just move it to that folder until that time is up. So for dinner, I will just move her phone to the time out folder for 45 minutes, then move it back. Thanks for the suggestion. Take care.