School Chromebook - VPN or Proxy


I gave my Koalasafe to a family member about 6 months ago since I have been paying for Quistodio. Unfortunately, my son came home with a chromebook from school. When I tried to shut off search portals on my EA9300 linksys router, the chromebook was still able to work around it. I was able to block other websites that were not search portals (I blocked successfully). I also confirmed I could block the chromebook on the EA9300 with MAC address blocking (but that blocks the whole internet). Does anyone have experience on what is being used on the school admin chromebooks (VPN, Proxy, etc)? I also need to know if I can effectively block and monitor the items on the chromebook if I buy another Koalasafe router.


I actually have the same router and use Qustodio and KoalaSafe. As far as parental controls and general blocking with that router go it doesn’t work well or even at all most of the time. That’s what led me to get the KoalaSafe to begin with.

I think the schools around here use a combination of Proxy and DNS filtering. Your best bet would probably be running your router on OpenDNS but then all devices on your network would be subject to the restrictions.

I would think that KoalaSafe would be effective for Chromebooks. I will try to test my Chromebook on my KoalaSafe this weekend and report back with the results.


Great! Did you have any luck trying the Koalasafe with the school chromebook?


Sorry, I forgot to post the results. Filtering was successful on my Chromebook. If it’s using any kind of VPN though then the KoalaSafe is moot. I’m not sure how yours is set up but mine shows in the menu if it’s VPN connected.