Roblox games aren't blocked?


My son has realized that Roblox games aren’t blocked, only the lobby is blocked, so if he starts a non-timed game at the right time, he can continue to play as long as he likes.



What is your Filter Mode (under Settings) set to? Low, Medium or High? If Low - that is your issue.



Currently set to Medium.

Apparently textures won’t always load, and some features appear broken (he says), but the game itself isn’t blocked.



Apparently, it’s not just Roblox. I found him playing Minecraft on a server with his friend 45 minutes into a block where games were switched to off. At this point, Koala Safe doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. I don’t have faith that it’s doing its job to block other content that my son shouldn’t be viewing.

At the same time, it constantly blocks content from educational sites that he needs to complete his homework.