Red light steady on, parent screen allows access, kids devices wont connect


Koala appears on “available networks” on all devices, looks like it tries to connect, then fails to do so and Koala network disappears from available networks. Red light on koala box remains steady red throughout. Tried unplugging and reset button too. Please help.


Is this a new unit or was it working before and just stopped working

If it is new - some units get stuck if the initial software update is interrupted. Once in that state the koala support team need to reset the details and then after next reboot it should work.

If it has been working for a while and then suddenly stopped, then it could be a number of things either with the koala or with the local network - but likely following some sort of change.

Have you contacted support?


I actually reset the unit and everything is working now,
however I am trying to get it working with Xbox 360 , Nintendo DS, and a Nintendo switch , is this possible? I cannot seem to get them to work with the unit.


I don’t have any of those devices, but if they connect via wifi then they should just show up as devices and can be assigned to a kids profile.

If they only have wired, the they must comment to the LAN port in the koala. You can use a small switch if needed to connect multiple devices at once.

Then attempt to use the devices and then go the usage and stats and see what is being blocked. You may need to allow some stuff to allow the devices to operate correctly.

But you should also see what is allowed - if you do you know that it’s traffic is being processed.