PS4 manual LAN setup problems and DNS info



I have been using the Wifi connection for our PS4, but decided to move it over to the LAN port to reduce network latency. The automatic setup failed, so I used the PS4 manual setup. To do this, I first connected my phone to the Koala Wifi and retrieved the network settings (subnet mask:, primary and secondary DNS:, default router: I used these settings and put the PS4 on a fixed IP address

After doing this, I noticed that the KoalaSafe no longer detects the PS4 as being connected and does not enforce time limits.

Could you provide me with further leads to troubleshoot this? It would also be nice to know roughly how the KoalaSafe is “taking control over DNS” without cooperation from the device.

Thanks in advance!


I know that Koala uses mDns, but the exact process in still unclear to me.

However, have you seen the later parts of this manual.
It has a lot more detail than the included picture guide.



Thanks for the extra info @Dywilson, I scanned through the manual again and did see a few tidbits that I had overlooked before. I’m going to take a better look at how mDns works and see if I can figure out what is going wrong. At first glance, I expect that the manual DNS setup interferes with the mDns automatic process.


the PS4 lan and wifi will show up as different devices in the KoalaSafe settings. Make sure you’ve added both to the correct profile.