Paired alright, Can see the network, Can't connect to it


I’m excited to get this router working, but I’m having some trouble.

In short, I have paired the router to the app just fine. I’ve changed the SSID and password through the app just fine, I can see the network SSID, but I can’t connect a device to it.

So I tried to reset the router. It has gone through the light sequence, but after resetting, the app states that the KoalaSafe is offline. I then opened the four ports provided in the manual.

I’m at the point where the unit is offline, but I can see the SSID and select it on a computer, but the red light on the unit is flashing and I still can’t connect. I’ve reset it now 3 times with the same results.

Any help would be appreciated as I don’t know what else I can do.


I should add that the internet is functioning perfectly well otherwise.


Try the troubleshooting

If that doesn’t resolve it contact support and send any issues shown in the app diagnostics



Hi adam.
I’ve sent an email. I’ve tried the suggestion you linked to and when I check the diagnostics, there are no problems. Let’s see if your support can do anything about this.