Overdrive Library - Libby App


I am trying to setup the Libby App that utilizes Overdrive so the kids can check digital books from the library. I think I am missing one setting though. I added overdrive.com and I need to allow all uncategorized in categories for it to work. I prefer to keep that setting as blocked. Has anyone run into this, and what other URL needs added? I looked at the All usage, but it isn’t recording what traffic is going out, so I have no idea what is being accessed. Not sure why this function is limited and not working now?



Try this - keep the uncategorized categories blocked, then try to access overdrive.com. Then go to the section called Usage, and click on the icon in the top right corner that looks like an EKG readout. You will see 3 buttons, Allowed, Blocked, and Ignored. Uncheck Allowed, and check Blocked. That will show you the url that was blocked when you tried to access overdrive.com. You can then explicitly add that url to the allowed sites. In my experience it can take up to 5 minutes for a URL to show up in the blocked list so be patient. Good luck.

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