Outage Summary - 4th & 5th Nov UTC


KoalaSafe experienced a significant outage in its DNS system from 04/11/2017 16:00 - 05/11/2017 06:00 UTC

The issue started when we performed an unscheduled security update which triggered a flush of our caches. There was an issue repopulating the caches which prevented KoalaSafe from providing timely responses to DNS requests, effectively preventing users from accessing the internet.

It took us some time to identify and rectify the issue before being able to repopulate the caches. As our team has grown we also had not put in place effective incident communication procedures which meant our customers were left in the dark to the ongoing issue.

We have implemented new procedures where outages will be reported here immediately upon discovery and progress updated.


Evening from the UK,
It seems to be doing a similar thing to last week. The router for adult access is working fine and the koala box has a green, blank and red lights.
Ant suggestions as to how quickly it could be sorted out this time?


Hi @dmarsden49,

No issues on our side.
Looks like you are back online now.
If your main internet goes down,you can press (not hold) reset to restart the unit and speed up reconnection.



Thanks for the swift response. Odd, it does seem to be working, but the red light is still flashing on the right side of the box.


That light is the Wi-Fi indicator.