Nothing report on usage pages


Hi Team,

New KoalaSafe user here. I’ve setup everything and its all working fantastically, however the usage screen is not reporting anything!

I know the kids were accessing it yesterday and the schedule works as well as blocked items, however I’m not seeing anything on the usage report pages.

Any suggestions? Something I am missing?

Thank you!



same here. I have usage data to Wednesday 19th April and then nothing after. I know that they have been on the internet. Thinking back, they did text me on 20th (thursday) April saying the internet wasnt working and when i returned home that evening, it wasnt working. The koalasafe wifi was on and the box was flashing as expected. I did a reset from the wall plug (off/on) and then everything came back as normal with normal filters shortly afterwards.

I have not seen usage data since that reset.



I also have the same issue lost all usage since Thursday 20th




Thanks for reporting this. Usage Service is back online, we are looking into the reason for the outage

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I have started to experience this 2 days ago, no usage for any profile, prior it worked fine.



I am facing this issue for a week now… no usage details are visible. I am a new user. could any body help me please…