Longer Cable vs Extender?


We’re having challenges with poor coverage/reception via the koala box in our house. Instead of getting an extender, does it work to purchase a longer cable (the flat white cable that runs between the Koala box and the router) so the koala box is further away from the router (it’s located in far corner in the house next to a heavy duty main router/fibre optic hub installed by Bell (Canada), the router that we run the wifi from, a printer and a PC - I’m concerned that all this is weakening the signal.


Yes, that flat white cable is just a standard network cable, so you can replace it with a longer cable that would allow you to move the koala to wherever you want it.

This would be a better option than an extender.


I use Ethernet over Power (Powerline) adaptors to move my Koala device to the center of the house (rather than at one end). It made a world of difference.

If you are unable to get it working with Ethernet (e.g. your cable isn’t long enough), give Powerline a try. But your longer Ethernet cable is better if possible (and cheaper to setup and run).


Thanks for the feedback. I installed a longer cable yesterday and it’s working great for my daughter, and I’ll be testing my son’s consoles tonight.