KRACK security issue


Will Koala be releasing an update to protect against ?


Yes, we are working on a fix.
Make sure all client devices are updated with released fixes as they will be vulnerable when on any WiFi that has not been fixed.


Just checking to see if there has been a fix yet to protect against the Krack wpa2 vulnerability.



Hi @Buckleaf1, unfortunately we’re not able to patch this vulnerability on the KoalaSafe itself. That said, it can be effectively mitigated by upgrading client devices.


Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, most older clients will never see an update. I have noticed that some open-source router firmware have used a workaround to protect older clients. This is from the DD-WRT website and regards adding a setting to “Disable EAPOL Key Retries”:

“An AP-side workaround for key re-installation attacks (KRACK), this option can be used to mitigate KRACK on the station side (router), to help protect client devices that no longer receive updates, or receive updates very slowly. Since many devices out there will not receive an update anytime soon (if at all), it makes sense to include this workaround.”

More information is available here:

Might this be a possibility for Koala?