Koalsafe not working - 3rd Jan


the lights are blinking from right to left in slow sequence…Red -Green-Green continously. Any idea what the issue is.

Did a reset but no luck

Please assist



Down for me as well … doing the same thing as of about 20-30m ago … and app is doing this strange new message. Sounds like back end servers are down??


Yes, exactly the same error message. Looks like i have to just wait till someone comes back and confirms everything is working. I was checking at my end for all issues till now…


It just came online … for now. Normal app controls are back. Will update here if it changes again.


Working for me. I’ll see if anything is amiss.


okay will check now once again


I am getting the same error…NO LUCK


Can you confirm you have internet access.
Is there a specific task you are attempting that is failing?


Koala cloud is down. Had to put an RJ-45 straight-through block to jumper around the Koala. My other cloud cameras and Internet were working fine (different wi-fi for the cameras). There has to be a better way to detect outages and to make this system more resilient. Performance and downtime is a real problem.


Same problem here, exactly. Did you get it fixed?


Same here l cant get the koala dome to connect to my wifi.it keeps telling me its offline