KoalaSafe Dome connected AND disconnected?!?


Since installing two months ago I have been unable to get Dome up and running for more than a few minutes. Today (per photo) it showed me it was connected AND disconnected. Really?!? I think I need a new unit or to give up and just return it altogether.


I have had the same problem with the Koala Dome. Never had the same issue with the smaller unit. Tried to get technical support without success and eventually gave up and changed to FamilyZone.


Don’t give up
I keep sending emails one after the other for help & they came back to me.
I was lucky I had a IT guy (that sells them here in Brisbane) that comes to our school where I work & told him what was wrong. He gave me a smaller unit to test with & worked fine.
That`s when I rang Steve & got thought to him in the US & told him what was wrong with my Dome.
He replaced it asap here in Aus. Working find now I have had it replaced the Dome with another one