KoalaSafe Dome available for pre-order


Noticed the feet pads on my unit received last week easily fell off. Packaging looked good.


Any reports on the quality and stability of the dome? Is it worth upgrading?


Short answer: improving stability?
Long answer:
Have had dome for a month now and am still puzzling over why the unit will stop responding to devices connected to it every one to two days.
The first issue was learning how it works and getting settings right, I jumped in and moved everything onto it and it lost popularity very quickly. Highly recommend take your time and only putting yourself on it, make sure it works for a week or more then move other devices one a a time.
Trouble shooting connection issues has been difficult as there is no logging feature. Wondering tech support are aware of frequency of drop outs?
So It has been difficult to know if instability is due to the connected devices, dome or to my router/isp or the ks dns server. So I am unable to accurately answer your question.
Some trouble shooting option I am currently learning to use include:
Testing in two connection modes:

  1. Connected to dome wifi
  2. Connected to modem wifi.

Things I check:

  1. My.kolasafe.com is loading in browser.
  2. KS app
  • settings/diagnostics,
  • connected devices list
  • messages and status (not useful)
  • time it takes to load app pages varies
  1. Speedtest.net connection.
  2. Modem connected devices list. Devices on dome appear as wired lan connections.
  3. The 3 lights on front of dome.
  4. Wifi diagnostics testing features on my Mac. Ie found country setting was US not AUS. Did contact tech support and did get email after few days later asking to connect the device (as it had crashed at the time) so that they could fix this.

Main issue is my.koalasafe.com returns a error page or does not respond. Some times the Dome will restart from the app via modem wifi, failing that cycling power has worked but this seems like a bandaid solution.
Overall the system “seems” to be getting better with updates. Have not identified update register that details what has been fixed.
Getting to the point where starting to think about being more systematic and logging findings of above in google form/sheet or something, forums may not be best for this. Especially useful for empowering kids to be part of identifying issue and fix themselves. Then will have something to get at root cause and to send to tech support about.
I think the dome is a good product, but there is room to improve with troubleshooting the dome and its complex environment (isp, modem, devices, users)

Interested to hear about other methods and experiences with original Ks or dome or if tech support have key things they need to know from users experience. (may need to setup a new thread. )


Hi Stevo,

I was wondering if the dome had the same issues. This indicates it is probably is a software issue. I was going to upgrade to the dome but it doesn’t seem like it will help.

I bought a 240V timer which reboots the koala safe every 24 hours at 4am. Now it fails once a week instead of every day. Brute force.


I was considering a wifi power switch. Can use it to log restarts then.
Considering the complexity of networking environment KS team done pretty well but may have some bugs to work out. Having some decent customer side logs could be more helpful than the “it needed restarting yesterday”. maybe something the app could/does do. Interested to hear what Ks team want to do.


I went with the dome as paper the dome is more advanced wifi technology.


From my perspective development had stopped. I haven’t seen any new functionality or obvious bug fixes for (literally) years.

There are some glaring mistakes that the team doesn’t appear to want to fix and the wifi is one of them. I use the device as an inline filter. I have Ubiquiti wifi in my house and I have no interest in the koala’s manky built-in wi-fi. But I can’t turn it off so my airwaves are polluted with another AP. I am still waiting for a solution that would allow me to use Getflix on my network.

Having said that I haven’t found a better product for the 95% if the time it does work. So I grumble once in a while and move on.


Not only has development stopped but so has support in the forums.