KoalaSafe Dome available for pre-order


The next generation of KoalaSafe has been released for pre-order for Australia and the USA.


We expect to deliver pre-ordered units around June 14th.


Why is it not available in the UK for pre-order?


From the link above it looks like the only benefit to this new device is a speed increase over the old unit? Is that correct? Filtering, management, etc remains the same?


Hi @TimsterC, we are still getting UK/EU certifications for the power supplies.
HI @ClimbGuy, yes this is just a hardware refresh. The software features are the same on both units.



Well, i’ve placed my order… :slight_smile:


Can I use the dome or existing unit as a repeater/extender with each other?


No, sorry they can’t function as extenders.


Ordered. But I don’t see in any of the pictures or the description that there is a an outgoing dsl conection. I’m sure there must be, right? The older model has it


Hi @Sundry,

Neither model is DSL modem. It has ethernet ports is that what you mean?



yes, ethernet, not dsl.
thank you.


Is it ready to ship today?

My koala moves quite a lot of Netflix traffic with four kids and two adults watching at the same time. I have to reboot it once a day. Well this issue go away with the extra grunt?


I’m wondering if the new Koalas have shipped


Dear KoalaSafe Family – I have an update for you regarding the KoalaSafe Dome, our blazing fast, extended coverage 1300Mbps unit with the Internet control you love.

We initially gave you a shipping date of June 10. The good news is that the units have all been manufactured. The bad news is our assembly agent - that’s where the unit is packed with the manual, country specific adapter etc. - had to move premises and and it took them much longer than they anticipated to get up and running again. That means your devices will ship later than promised.
Our current best estimate is that they will leave the port in China on June 30. Our experience shows that with air freight and customs, it’s typically 10 days from that they ship to you from either Sydney for Australian customers, or from your nearest distribution centre in the U.S.
Therefore, we expect to ship your item from inside your country, on July 10
That’s 3 weeks later than we initially communicated, so we apologize for that. We know it sucks when you’ve ordered and paid for something and then have to wait. If you can sit tight, your order will remain in the system and will ship automatically as soon as it hits the warehouse. It will be worth the wait! If you need a refund, simply reply to this email with your order number.
All the best,
Steve Pack and the KoalaSafe Team.


Hi All - just a quick update to let you know we’re still on track for the timeline above.

The units are all assembled, packed and ready to be picked up by the courier. We’ll update you again when the units have cleared customs in Australia and the U.S.

We can’t wait for you to try them out!

Steve and the KoalaSafe Team.


is there an update on shipping?


Hi Stewart,

All of the Australian units and most of the US units have shipped.



Mine arrived (Melbourne Australia) today… ‘instructions’ were for the earlier model.
I’m guessing the ‘wan’ port of the dome is the one closest to the 12v power socket. (yes, the ports don’t say LAN or WAN anymore.)


strange, I haven’t received notification of it being sent and haven’t got it yet.


Any chance of a trade in credit for older units?



I got mine yesterday and have it set up and working. However, I was pretty worried because the package was pretty beat up during shipping. The bubble-wrap envelope didn’t seem to do much. Also, some of the internal pads inside the package seemed to have fallen off.

Still, the product seems to be working, so it’s OK for me. Others may not have been so lucky.