Koala Safe Offline for 3+ Hours


Hi there, my Koala Safe box has been unable to serve internet for about 3 hours now. I’ve turned it off and on several times, and then pushed the reset button (had to guess how long because troubleshooting says “a specific amount of time” without specifying what that amount is). Apparently I was suppose to receive a reset notification before turning it on and off again, but I haven’t received anything.

Now the lights are just turning on and off in succession from right to left, over and over again.

I can connect to the network, but it has no internet, presumably due to the reset.

I have tried running the welcome wizard multiple times, but it always says, "KoalaSafe not found
Koala Safe units can’t be found using the web app.

So I then tried to manually input the Wi-Fi details, but it won’t accept them because it can’t see the Koala Safe box (even though I’m literally connected to its network).

At this point, I can’t think of anything else to do, so if someone could please assist with this issue asap it would be appreciated.


A response would be great. Any ideas… ?


So it’s been down today for around 12 hours so far today. Same issue as above. Not great fun for the holidays, so a little help would be great :slight_smile: