Koala Hub stuck in "connecting to the cloud" state


Our Koala hub has worked fine for months. Today, our Koala hub continues to flash the lights that indicate it is “connecting to the cloud.” But nothing ever happens. I have reset my router, reset the hub, reset both, and nothing fixes the problem. It powers up with one green light, then never seems to do 2x full green lights, before going straight into the light pattern that indicates it is connecting to the cloud. Then it just stays in that mode forever. How do I fix this?



Why has no one replied to this yet???



Mine is working properly. You should be able to access https://app.koalasafe.com/ select diagnostics, see if the cloud can see your Koala. From a PC on your home network browse to https://my.koalasafe.com you should see the device name and profile name displayed at the bottom. This tells you that you are able to access Koala inside your network. Verify that the ethernet cables are plugged into the correct ports from your ISP modem to the Koala. If they are, you could try different ethernet cables. Have you changed internet service providers or install a new modem? The firewall on the ISP router might be blocking the ports necessary for Koala to access the cloud. (TCP 443, 8883, 5671 and UDP 514). Beyond that the help page can be accessed at https://manual.koalasafe.com/sources/index.html. Good luck.