KaolaSafe server down?


SoCal, same problem. Sent a support request, suggest everyone do the same. Hope someone is on point to fix the issue… an acknowledgement of the problem and ETA to resolution would be nice…

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Here in the Netherlands the same issue, a status page should be nice!

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Same here in Sydney, where it’s just past 8am, and we are all home learning due to COVID…

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Also experiencing this.

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Same problem over here in Europe: in self-isolation, studying from home. What a disaster!

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It’s 8:15am in Sydney, Australia now. Maybe someone will get out of bed soon and read this thread. A workaround, of course, is to cable your computer to your modem and/or give your kids unrestricted wifi for awhile, not using Koala.

We don’t have a kid in the house anymore. I’ve just been too lazy to get rid of this thing. However, now my motivation is quite high!



7:45 eastern, and it is back up and working for me.

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Also working here, moments before I was taking it behind the barn to shoot it!



Working now. Would be nice to get some sort of notification about what happened. Or even a status web page. Too much to ask?



Clearly that is too much to ask. You’re in Sydney, right? Perhaps you could drop by their office and inquire. 608 Harris St.