iPhone Speed on Koalasafe vs Main Network


Hi, we love Koalasafe. (OK I love it and my kid hates it, as advertised).

We just upgraded our main WifFi system at home to fiber optic after being on DSL for many years.

When I use Speedtest.net to check the speed of my LAPTOP while on the Koalasafe network, the speed numbers are great – just as fast as the main (parents only) system…

And when I use Speedtest to check my IPHONE on the main network, the speeds are also terrific.

BUT… whenI use Speedtest to check my IPHONE on the Koalasafe network the speeds are about 1/5th of the main network.

Any info on how I can improve this?

Your advice much appreciated. Thanks



Hey there, My wife actually has the same issue with her iPhone and we never found a way around it so she doesn’t use the Koala router at all. Neither my kids or I (Android devices) have any issues with speed on the Koala router.



Thanks Simon – this is hugely helpful! I love Koalasafe (and, as advertised, my kid hates it…) We just upgraded our home WiFi and the installer recommended that we get a Google OnHub to extend the signal. I have no idea if this will fix the Koalsafe/iPhone speed issue, but I’ll report back.



Hey Simon, I finally got around to installing our new Google Onhub:

This seems to have solved the iPhone problem – the speeds are as fast as when our laptop is connected to the network, which means triple the speed we were getting on iPhone attached to Koalasafe.

The Google Onhub also allows you to set up schedules, similar to Koalasafe and (supposedly) provides a more powerful signal throughout the house. You can also buy more add-on Google boxes to extend the range even farther.

The only downside (so far!) is that while Google provides a tool that blocks adult sexual content from reaching the kid, it doesn’t allow any filtering beyond that. (So I can’t block, say, Instagram or Facebook or anything else – just porn sites).

The usual caveats here – I’m a beginner playing with this new device, I don’t work for Google, etc. etc. etc.

Hope this helps!



Hi, thanks for the update. The OnHub certainly looks interesting.

Since I originally posted my issue with my wife’s iPhone we’ve also changed our network setup. The kids are still on the Koalasafe but I’ve also extended our main network so that my wife gets better coverage where she needs it. Basically it means I’m broadcasting two networks from the same location but it meets our needs as I still get all the control and coverage that my kids need from the Koalasafe and no complaints about speed or coverage from my wife.