iPhone performance - Parental profile


My wife is having a problem on her iPhone in certain apps, eg, podcasts, ebooks, where, while connected to KoalaSafe, the downloads take forever or fail to complete at all. If I switch her back to the primary network the downloads complete in seconds, because they’re not very big files.

I have her connected to Koala as it gives better coverage throughout the house and she’s on a parental always on profile.

I don’t have any performance issues with any streaming services which also use koala, eg netflix, apple tv, abc view, sbs on demand.

It only seems to be her phone. What should I be looking into, to troubleshoot this issue?


iPhone Speed on Koalasafe vs Main Network

That is strange. To rule out reception issues can you try and see if the issue occurs when standing next to the KoalaSafe?



Thanks Adam. Yes, very strange. She actually charges her iPhone right beside the KoalaSafe and spends most of her time using her phone for these activities within 5 metres of the KoalaSafe.