iPhone 5 cannot use Koala network


Hello, my son’s iPhone 5 is able to connect to the Koala network, but then doesn’t seem to be able to access anything over that network. For example, even visiting google.com in a safari window fails.
This is despite the profile the device belongs to being in “Parent mode” (for testing/diagnostics).
Any help gratefully received.


Ah, actually, I’m going to answer my own question here.
So, once I connected my son’s iPhone to the Koala network, I disconnected him from our home router. I did this by filtering his MAC address (as I’m not that keen on changing the home router wifi password). However, if I understand it correctly, Koalasafe just passes the MAC address through, unchanged. So… our home router was banning all traffic coming from his MAC address, including that which came via Koalasafe.

Luckily, it turns out, our router (provided by Virgin Media, Ireland) can be configured to do either of the following:

  1. Filter all traffic by MAC address (what I had done)
  2. Filter just WiFi traffic by MAC address (what I needed to do)

Image for option 1

Image for option 2