Internet Speed Nowhere near as fast as advertised


I ordered this from their web site. It was advertised as having speeds up to 150 mbps. I get the thing set up and run a speed test, and am getting 3 mpbs. I realize that you won’t get the max speed but you shouldn’t advertise 150 if you’re really getting only a sliver of that.

What’s more, I sent four emails to the company asking how to return (their web site says you get a refund if you return within 30 days). Since they weren’t responding, I followed the instructions on the “View your Order” link on the email confirmation they sent me when I bought the product. You can view those instructions at, and you’ll see they instruct you to send the product to an address in Australia.

I finally sent an email to the customer support team saying that since I didn’t hear back, I followed the instructions on their web site and sent it to this Australia address, and now they are telling me that this is the wrong address and that I should have sent to somewhere in CA. So now I’m in a dispute with them over the charge, and am out $23 for the shipping.

Terrible experience.