How to disable wifi password sharing on iPhones (ios11)


Background: We use KoalaSafe for our children’s devices (school laptops, phones etc) which is run through one of the home network wifi boosters that we have in the family room (the modem is elsewhere - it is an old house and the signal doesn’t work through the walls) . The adults use the home network. This has the added advantage that we can use our devices throughout the house but the children can only use the wifi downstairs via KoalaSafe.
The issue: with the feature in ios11 that automatically looks to share your wifi password with other Apple devices nearby via Bluetooth, the kids (and guests) can/do get onto the nonKoalaSafe network.
The question: how can I turn off the Wifi password sharing feature without needing to have Bluetooth constantly and consistently off?


Proximity WiFi sharing requires you to agree to the sharing on your phone. Adding a passcode should prevent them from agreeing to the request on your phone.


Thanks for your quick response. Would love to know if there is another way to manage this.


Any other suggestions gratefully received as all of my Apple devices keeping sharing the network password with those who should be on Koala!


I’m not sure what type of Router you have, but if I am correct, for anyone to use wifi through your router, they have to “connect” to it. Since I my kids friends connect to my wifi when they come over, I chose the feature to only allow a person to connect if their MAC ADDRESS was listed. So even if they knew the password, if their MAC ADDRESS wasn’t listed in the ALLOWED list, they could not connect. For all of the devices that were ALLOWED to connect, I had to manually type in their MAC ADDRESSES. When I installed Koalasafe, the only wifi they could connect to was the koalasafe wifi, however, I had to go on koalasafe and validate their device before they could actually “use” the wifi. So my wifi router was locked down to MAC ADDRESS only, and the koalasafe wifi had its own feature to prevent anyone else from using it without authorization. Not sure if this is going to help you, but I thought I’d post it anyway. Take care.


Can you disable the SSID being broadcast on your your homenetwork?