How to allow Apple iCloud Backup?


Kids use iPad’s for school. They are configured to backup to iCloud. This happens when they are plugged in, locked and are on WiFi. The only time all these criteria are met is overnight, but I have restrictions on KoalaSafe so they can’t surf the web overnight.
Anyone know how I can configure KoalaSafe to allow iCloud backups? I have set the Homework filter to allow ‘Operating System’ category 24/7 but that doesn’t work.


There is the “ignore” capability which I use for things like Dropbox syncing etc. but just looking I think that urls that are set to ignore are still limited by the schedule.

It sounds like a great feature request to either allow ignored urls 24/7 or to add an “always allow”.

It would be very useful for

  • iOS backups
  • find my phone
  • Dropbox sync
  • os updates