How do I unblock Marco Polo?


My kids want to use the Marco Polo app on their phones, I don’t see it listed under any categories under filters. How do I enable it?



Give your kids the access that you want to enable Marco Polo on. (Ie primary or homework), and get them to try to app.

Then go to the kids profile and then usage and then tap the squiggly line at the top right. Then toggle the “blocked” to be highlighted but toggle the other two off.

After about 5mins of trying you should see the URLs that have been blocked. You can then tap the URL and then tap “Allow”

Just a note, that there is often a delay in those blocked sites showing up in usage.
And also there may be multiple URLs as many apps will use resources from multiple domains.
Also once you allow one domain then the app may then try another domain that it could not get to until the first one is allowed. So it may take a few goes to work out how many “allow” rules you need to add in.

All of these end up in the “allowed by me” section in the users filters section.