How do I reset KoalaSafe Dome to factory default and unpair it from my account?


I just sold my KoalaSafe Dome on eBay (bet it’s one of you guys :smile:)
But before I ship it, I need to reset it and unpair from my account.
The question is, how do I reset the device to factory settings?
Usually routers have a tiny recessed reset button on the back. Not this one.
Logged into my KoalaSafe account (from PC) - I can restart the Dome, I can shut it down, can change the Wifi or password, but can’t reset it.

So, how do I factory reset the Dome and unpair from my account?



Hi, you cannot reset it yourself, I just bought one might be yours. Koala Support have reset them in the past for me when I give them the Mac Address then they unbind it from the email address that is assigned to it…

plus you should not give out the login details when you sell it off.

hope that helps