How do I connect Dome


I received the new Dome with the old KoalaSafe directions. There are now 3 unlabeled connections on back and new buttons on front. It isn’t pairing (even manually with the MAC address). So, possibly I have the Dome Ethernet connection in the wrong slot? Customer friendly directions would go a long way, and frankly directions for an old unit packaged in an updated one is sloppy work.


I have had very similar issues. I have repeatedly asked for support and got very little assistance. They’ve now just told me to send it back for a refund. I don’t want to do this! I want it to work!!!


The internet ethernet port for the dome is the one closest to the DC power cable.
It does have a slightly different icon (of a world).

Are you replacing an old Koala-safe? if so you need to un-pair the old one.
If your app has un-pair, then you can doi it yourself - otherwise email support telling them the email address used for your account, the old and new mac addresses and tell them that you are changing from an old unit to a new dome.

They should be able to un-pair your old one and then allow you to pair the new one.


Thanks for the info. Any clarification about the lights on the front of the Koala Dome?


The light patterns are the same as the original unit and described here except the red light is green on the dome.