Homework Mode is available for Testing


What is it?

With homework mode you can set up a schedule for a profile that has different filtering rules to normal mode.
Let’s say Homework time is from 6pm -8pm on Weeknights. You can disable access to say Social Media and Youtube to help them focus on the task at hand.

We have also created a visual schedule editor that simplifies schedule creation (especially now there are multiple modes to schedule).

How do I enable it?

Settings --> New Features --> Homework Mode
You will now have the a new profile option "Filters"
Your existing rules are in the Primary Filter
You can customise the Homework Filter to enable/disable what you feel is appropriate
You will now also have two schedules; one for Normal/Primary mode and one for when its Homework Mode.

Note: Primary schedule takes precedent. If you set a primary schedule of 9am -10pm and a Homework mode schedule of 7pm -8pm, homework mode will never take effect. This will be made easier once the visual schedule editor is released.

How do I disable it?

Delete all schedules for Homework in all profiles
Then disable the feature Settings --> New Features --> Homework Mode

Overnight, Koala app became much less useful
3 newbie feature questions: time limit youtube / finding my phone device / low filter setting does porn right?
Usage Screen Issues
Usage Screen Issues


Do you have any tutorials for this? Cheers


Hi Kristy,

There is in-app guides to give you more information once you enable it.
You can ask questions here or email support.



Hi. Just bought a unit. I think it is great. Would like some clarity in the homework mode. Your intro suggests that with the primary schedule running let’s say 8am to 10pm that the homework schedule at 6pm to 7pm filters will take effect when enabled (I.e. Within the primary time). But then you go on to say that the primary takes precedent.

Does that mean that I have to end the primary schedule at 6pm at which time homework starts. And then restart the primary from 7pm after in scheduling?



Hi @Heshanindra26,

It does mean you need to end the primary schedule like you say.

However, if you use the visual schedule editor it will handle all that for you.


So just to confirm, assuming that we are talking about snapchat being a distraction, the primary would be on 08:00 to 17:59. then homework mode would take over with snapchat off 18:00 to 18:59 and thenprimary would take over again 19:00 to 22:00. i understand how to make those changes?

What if…i used the primary schedule as the homework timinings and the “homework” schedule for the general limits.
homework runs 08:00 to 22:00 - has snapchat on
primary comes on at 18:00 with snap chat off and then 19:00 snap chat back on.

since primary takes precedent over the other schedule, it will come in to effect. That way, i can keep the “homework” schedule untouched and choose to turn off sites as needed with the primary?? just a thought. i might give it a try anyway

thanks - sorry it is convoluted and i hope i explained myself clearly



Hi @Heshanindra26,

This announcement was for a testing release before we had the visual schedule editor.
You now longer have to worry about precedence, the visual schedule editor will sort it all out for you.



Thanks for your help