Getting Kolasafe Working with Ubiquiti VLAN

#1 has been non responsive so I am posting here in hopes that we can get a discussion going and figure this out.

I have a KolaSafe with a Ubiquiti Network front to back.

Basically USG as the Router.
Ubiquiti 24 port switch
4 Ubiquiti access points.

In case you aren’t totally familiar with Ubiquiti, the idea with the 4 access points is basically 1 SSID that covers entire house with roaming.
Each access point allows you to run 4 or 5 different SSIDs.

So I have A Parent Network and SSID as well as a Kid Network SSID.

I am trying to integrate a KolaSafe into the system.

I connected to KolaSafe to the Switch and Created a Kids VLAN along with a Kids Wifi Network called Jessup-Kids.

The KolaSafe is set with a static IP address using a DHCP Reservation and the address is

To test that the KolaSafe was indeed working, I connected directly to it’s wifi and confirm that

  1. Clients are getting a 192.168.55.x ip address (so a Kids VLAN IP)
  2. When devices connected directly to it, they can be controlled.

However, when I connect to the Kid’s wifi, I get a 192.168.55.x ip, but the devices act like the KolaSafe isn’t even there. In addition, doing this, KolaSafe doesn’t even see the device in the User Configuration.

What I did next was force clients on Kids Network to use the KolaSafe for DNS by adding the KolaSafe IP in the DHCP settings. So now all clients on network try to do DNS through the KolaSafe.

This did not solve the problem of Control (i.e devices that are set to blocked can browse). However, it did make the KolaSafe see the device, so I could add it to a user profile.

Can you assist me on what else I can try?
Any idea why the devices are not being seen and actioned on by the KolaSafe given that everything else is working?

Will add that wired devices on the vlan also are not controllable.
I have also connected a laptop directly to the KolaSafe Lan Port and the Kolasafe works.

So it seems to be an issue with it when plugged into a managed switch.

Any ideas on what might be stopping the Kolasafe from working when in a managed switch?



I tried this with the original and gave up but because I didn’t think it was possible but because of time constraints.

Part of the issue is that the koala effectively bridges the lan and wan sides of the router but only listens for mdns on the lan side.

This means that the kids wifi vlan is effectively bridged to the same network or vlan that the koala sits on - ie the parents network.

So whilst this should still work - my open question was how much the koala participates in managing vlan tags - ie are they striped off or honoured or otherwise just screwed up.

My other barrier is that part of my network is not ubiquiti - much of it is but there are other managed switches that I have for support reasons and one in particular does not allow you to “not participate in the default vlan”. Ie I can set a port to be untagged 10 but can’t say no default and this seems to create a network loop where both sides of the koala are on the same broadcast.

It looks like you got further than me - so maybe I need to move the koala to the ubiquiti switch first.

If I can find some more time I can try again - I’d like to get it going.

Are you using the small koala or the big one - we have both but are using the big one.



Good input. I’m using the KolaSafe Dome.

I wish Ubiquiti would just jump into this market.

  1. They already have the ability to block a device, which is easy to do from the app on your phone.
  2. They have the ability to set a time schedule for the WIFI access, but they should have done this at the VLAN level either instead or in parallel. The issue becomes wired devices, like playstation and apple tv that are hard wired (at least in my house)
  3. If they just created a way to group devices (i.e Kid1 and Kid2 device, family devices) it would be really easy to manage

I actually considered just writing my own system using the API, however I woudn’t have a phone app etc.

Anyway, if you have time to play with it and you get anywhere, let me know.