Fortnite - blocking


Does KoalaSafe have a feature to block Fortnite?

If not, are there plans to provide it in future?


Hi, yes it should be blocked as part of the Gaming Category.



I have noticed that if my son starts playing Fortnite on his iPad when the filter is on Primary (which allows Gaming) and then the schedule switches to Homework (which blocks Gaming) it will still allow him to play Fortnite online (until the game finishes, in which case he won’t be able to join a new game).

This is particularly an issue with Playground mode ( since he can play for an hour past when he was supposed to “not be playing”. Possibly it is because it is using port 5222 ( and bypassing the Koala filter?

Is this an issue you are aware of? Any ETA on when it might be addressed?


Mmm, switching Filter Mode to High did seem to help? Is that the best solution?