Feature Requests


You can rename the koalasafe network (SSID). Click the gear icon, Settings>Wifi Settings. You’ll see and SSID entry there, it is editable.



Not broadcasting your main router’s wifi network is possible. It’s router-specific, though, so you’ll have to google how to do it for your specific router. Pick a name your child won’t figure out as they can search for a hidden network by name.



Adam - This is basically needing the ability to manually choose a custom profile that would have its own categories and custom whtelists and blacklists (just like Homework and Primary but it’s own profile).

This would also solve my needs as well, per our recent discussion about a month ago, to set my children to their ‘Primary’ profile manually once they’ve shown me they have completed their homework (until time expires on the schedule for the day). Also, schedule ability to have these custom profiles enabled - like Primary and Homework except ability to choose on the time schedule chart the custom profile. A ‘bedtime’ custom profile would be great for Ketev to where he could block most everything and whitelist only Spotify or iTunes music etc.

I don’t think this is that uncommon a need - however most haven’t thought about this being possible - and it would really leverage the abilities of the Koala that are mostly already implemented.


Hi, is it possible to get more than 7 days of history on usage? The wife is running an Internet time bank for the kids (extra credit for chores, debits for bad behavior etc), but she forgot to update her spreadsheet with their usage for over a week.


Hi @Mark,

At the moment its not possible, we remove the history after 7 days.
We are looking at providing the summary data for a longer period.



This would be really helpful.

A big :thumbsup: to this as well


I agree… I’d like to set a time limit of X minutes per day - or even X minutes per type. I.e. unlimited for particular apps like Myon or Dreambox (am not even sure yet if you can set usage by app though as I just set it up an hour ago!)


Hi Adam,

Is there a way to get 15 mins included in the extension time? I find that I am waiting to give either 5 or 15 but don’t have that option. Thank you for your consideration



In schedule box mode (not text mode), when “zoomed in” is it possible to add a scroll bar to the side, so that we can view the whole schedule without zooming back out to adjust evening times? Or maybe instead of pinching, there could be a +/- button set, that would work better than me accidentally changing a value while pinching.

I suppose for now this can be configured in text mode. However, text mode is 3 times as many clicks just to modify one time value.


We really need that.
It’s one of the features requested for ages.
And would be a real advantage over ‘classical’ access points.


We really need that.
It’s one of the features requested for ages.
And would be a real advantage over ‘classical’ access points.


Hi, I really like the koala safe. The only thing I miss is a variable way to extend time (parent Control mode). I would like to have the posibility to allow from 1 to 240 minutes or the rest of the day. Reason: sometimes the childeren are warching a you tube movie when the schedule kicks in and they have No access to YouTube. We often allow them to finish the movie but then we only have the option to select the available intervals 5, 10, 30 minutes 1, 2, 4 hours. I find these options to limited. Often the movie they are watching takes 13 to 15 minutes. In that case I only have the option of 30 minutes which I find too long.

Adding the variable extention time option will solve this.

Could you Add this feature?



I would like to see Roblox added to the games category. I have been manually blocking api.roblox.com which works but I have to input it every time. It would also be nice it the sites allowed and blocked by me were one section where you could input a site and then just push to block and unblock without removing the site. Thanks


Some sort of ability to have “groups” of accounts. We’ve got 8 kids and each has their own Koala account so we can track their use individually.

However, that means if I want to whitelist “abc.com” for everyone, I have to whitelist it 8 times.

Some sort of group/family setting would be great here, so it would cascade across all the accounts. Similar to the Primary/Homework categories, but shared I guess.

Is there a patreon account for you guys or anything? I would be glad to pay a yearly fee to keep you all afloat and iterating.