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It would be nice to be able to set schedule per device. I want to allow PlayStation at the weekends only, but normal web browsing for a few hours in the evening during the week on a tablet for example.

What I am doing at the moment is creating a profile for each device, not for each child.



Hi Declan, the idea of profiles as a way to group devices was designed to allow this flexibility. You could base it around people, e.g. per child or per group of children, or per device as you’re doing.

Are you saying that you still like to group children into profiles (such as for content and soon analytics), but for time, you think per device is more appropriate?



Steven, maybe I’m just figuring out the best way to get t to work.

The option to pick a Boy or Girl icon implied the profiles were for each child, and then when I add the devices to the child profile, they all share a schedule.

I admit the way I have it set up works fine, but as with any modern family, each of my kids has about 5 connected devices, from smart TV’s, to phones, PS3, Nintendo’ hudl, you name it, it seems to go online these days. I can get Facebook on the DVD player, but the kids haven’t figured that out yet.

So I’m looking at maybe 10 or more profiles.

Where the option to have two profiles, with a default of “use profile schedule”, and the option to set an override schedule for the device, would make things cleaner, or more elegant. I get that technically I can achieve this, but it would be tidier I guess…

And actually yes when I re read your reply, the filtering is applied per child, based on age etc, the sites I may want them to visit, so setting all of this up for 10 profiles is more work…



I’m also working out the best way to handle devices, profiles and schedules. There are lots of use-cases so it will be interesting to extend the features of the app and device to cover all.

At the moment I’m using profiles for each kid (I’ve two) and adding their mobile devices (iPad and iPhones) to each.

But I’m already up against a situation where I want to set different restrictions at different times of day, for example enabling freer website search when I know they are doing homework and similarly blocking games or video at these times. At the moment the restrictions apply across ALL schedules which is limiting. Whilst I could create separate profiles with pre-define restrictions I would then have to move devices manually between profiles. I’m hoping this is a feature that in time can be implemented and not a hardware restriction.

Similarly when a friend of one of my kids comes round on a play date I’m adding their device to my kid’s profile rather than creating a guest profile.

I’m still exploring ways to allow the Mac user profile to default to a given wifi channel (as we share between kids and parents) to allow for NAS backups etc - so adding complication to device-profile configs and no doubt asking too much from KoalaSafe!



The ability to clone/copy profiles (rather than just left swipe edit/delete)…

(carries across Schedules & App/site blocking/whitelists, no devices…)



Hi there,
I would love to see the option of ‘total time allowed’, rather than timetabling, as we currently can do. For example, I would like to give my child the freedom to play whenever he chooses, but just want to limit the total time played in each 24 hour period.


Time budget versus time window (Cumulative time)

+1 … would be nice to have this as an option… though it would (for me) be more useful if tied to a child’s profile , rather than a device profile. (reward a child with extra internet/play time for a job well done… etc.)



Hi @mshenry1 ,

That is our goal. We need to test different methods with the data we are collecting to ensure we are accurately differentiating between “real” usage vs “background” usage like checking for email, updates, notifications etc.


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A default option to add new devices to a profile for “Unknown Devices” rather that “Everybody Else” and the ability to allow no password.

That way, anybody can connect to the Koala, my kids friends etc, and I can selectively move devices into a profile that allows internet access.

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Hi Declan,

You can swipe left on the “Everybody Else” profile and rename it "Unknown Devices"
Do you mean no WIFI password? This should be currently possible?
Although you lose encryption. I’ll add a ticket to allow encryption without password.

Or do you mean no password on the App?

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Adam, thanks.

It was the WiFi authentication password I was hoping to avoid, not the app password.



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Getting back to logging into the App…
It is a bit of a pain having to type the password in constantly. How about a PIN code with a numeric keypad, or better still using TouchID on iOS devices?



It would be great to have a way of seeing which devices are connected and maybe how long they have been visible by the Koala router for? At the moment the devices list is just a historical log of devices based on their MAC addresses. I would like to have more control and perhaps remove some devices permanently from the list.


Can I allow 24/7 access to the internet, but block categories of app in study time?

I would like the ability to see which profile is currently “on” internet at a glance. Say on the home screen, or status screen. It is time consuming going into each profile to see if internet is on. Maybe on the home screen each profile line (?slider?) could be a green or red background with the next off time / on time (respectively) shown next to the profile name.



It would be handy to be able to have a little red button, as opposed to a big red button, to disable internet for unspecified time, (unless toggled by a little green button to return to schedule) for each profile individually. I am thinking of the situation when the internet is currently off for little johnny, and he is disobedient or similar and the consequence is no internet for the time being. At present this can’t be done?



An option to to extend time to a time of day would deb very handy. i.e. Little johnny has been really good and can have extended time to XX:XX o’clock say



Hi @Lucky,

thanks for the feedback.
If i understand you correctly ,the little red button is available.
If you go into Johnny’s profile, if the internet is on. You can turn it off for a period of time or forever.

You can currently extend internet by time increments like another half hour. But a custom time entry is a good idea.




Not quite Adam, what you say is correct, however I wont to disable internet, when it currently is off, so that it doesn’t come on at scheduled time. e.g. internet currently off, current time is 1.00 pm and schedule is to due allow internet from 3.30 to 4.30 pm. At the current time (1.00pm) little johnny is misbehaving, so I tell him no internet later today. I then want to go into profile and disable future internet (indefinitely), and then re-enable at any time in the future if little Johnny deserves it. By renabling schedule.

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Hmmm, I understand. You want the “little red button”. We’ll consider that.