Extenders that work with KoalaSafe


There isn’t a firmware update available. Are there any settings that need changing on the extender?



What’s is the hardware version listed on the status page of the extender?



I just installed a new Netgear N300 (EX2700), this is what I found. . .
While installing I was prompted to update the firmware, which I, of course, did. Upon completion I could not control devices connected to the extender. Even tho I assigned the device to a test profile (which has no access) the device could still access the internet. Not good.

After much reading and head shaking and hair pulling, I decided to reset the thing to factory and start all over. This time I did not update the firmware (which I don’t feel good about) and it works as you describe. When a device connects to the ext network it shows as a new device with a somewhat different mac address than when it’s connected directly to the Koala. Once I assign that mac address to the correct profile, all is as it should be.

So, the fault may lie in the firmware update. I’m a little nervous about leaving it outdated, but . . . what can ya do?

I do hope that at some point Koalasafe will make this easier, more compatible. Maybe come out with your own extender?



Hi. The firmware is 1.00.08 2015.02.11

When I select to update it, it says no update available.



Sundry can you confirm whether they show as connected within the everybody else profile, or disconnected? I am only getting 1 device showing as connected and that’s the Belkin extender.



TBH since the homework update I find the app is a bit squiggy on that score. lol

Devices show connected when they aren’t and vice versa. Restarting the app usually sorts that out. But, I currently have 2 devices connected to the ext and both are showing. I have moved them around from profile to profile and that works too. Much app restarting, but the point is that the actual controls are working.

I’m knocking on wood, hoping this continues.

ps, general griping here . . . of course my neighbor just set up an unsecured network for his kids. Right next door, easily accesable . . . Kinda defeats the purpose of all this. smh



Any ideas here ?. This really is becoming an issue, with a teenage daughter, an 11 year old son and myself all needing to use the extender it’s becoming impossible to manage without being able to use specific rules per device.



You will need to contact Netgear.

If they have changed the firmware to behave differently and you can’t downgrade that model is no longer compatible with KoalaSafe.




Hi @Austinhead @Sundry , i’m running a pair of EX2700’s

Hardware Version: EX2700
Firmware Version: V1.0.1.10

Mine (touch wood) are working fine … though they seem to boot faster than the KS does, so if there has been a power failure , you do sometimes need to reboot them AFTER the KS has initialized and settled down to get them to connect.

Also , if you reboot the KS , they don’t seem to auto reconnect , and again need a reboot , themselves, afterwards.

BUT having said that , they do indeed work, and the devices that talk through them do indeed show up as their own (rebranded) MAC.

(the two with _EXTR are devices coming in though an N300, positioned at rear of my property.)



I’ve got the Belkin not the Netgear.

If I were to contact then, what am I asking ?. What could have changed to change the way this works through Koala ?



Thanks for the screenshots, it confirms mine isn’t doing the same - although it’s a Belkin not the Netgear



I wish I could help, this must be really frustrating. I guess you would be asking them what setting to change to allow the extender to pass mac addresses thru?

Maybe your device is just defective? Idk. I hope you can get it sorted out.



Ask them how to make the extender pass thru the devices MAC addresses rather than hiding them all behind the extenders MAC address.

The N3000 model F9K1015 has been reported to do it correctly.




Thanks, i’ve emailed them. I’ll let you know what they come back with.



Hi @Sundry , refer my post and screenshots. the latest firmware does indeed work on a Netgear N300 (EX2700)



I have a Netgear EX7000 extender on the Koala side of my network.
The extender is connecting wirelessly through a Netgear R7000 that I’m using as a wi-fi hub, which in turn is wired through to the LAN port of the Koala (it is a large full brick house and it took a few devices to get good coverage). I also have the Telstra Netgear C6300 cable modem. All working beautifully once I made sure Netgear’s openDNS parental controls were turned off on every Netgear box on the network. :+1:

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I got the kids a Netgear N300 WiFi Range Extender (model #EX2700). Worked great out of the box! Configured it to extend the SSID for the Kolasafe. Entered the password. Then I moved the device itself to the “Parents” profile for unlimited Internet access for the device itself. When I connected the kids’ devices to the EX2700, I had to move the new MAC address for each to the appropriate kid profile. All done! Kids can now access the Internet from their bedrooms. If we have any issues with that (non yet), we can just unplug the extender. Forces them to be in the main part of the house.

Given the standards and speed of the Koalasafe, I didn’t see the need for a higher end extender. Won’t increase the WiFi speed since the Kolasafe speed is the limiter.


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Keeps disconnecting! Driving me mad

Hi Bill is there anyway to explain that it simplified terms? Can you still control the kids devices individually? Thanks heaps



Yes, the extender represents the kids’ devices with different MAC (hardware) addresses. These new addresses need to ALSO be added to the desired profile(s). So, your child’s iPad has a specific MAC address when connecting the the Koala. This address is added to the profile “Pippy”. Now, you have the same iPad connect through the extender. It will have a different MAC address and show as a new device. This new device should also be added to the profile for “Pippy”. So, when using an extender, you will have two MAC addresses for each physical device. If your child has an iPad, laptop and iPhone, they will have a total of six devices in their profile (3 for original MAC addresses and 3 for extender MAC addresses). Hope this helps! By the way, MAC stands for Media Access Control. It is at the transport layer in the OSI stack and provides the basic connection to the network device.



I had performance issues with my install (large house, multiple extenders) so had to uninstall Koalasafe. Shame. The docs with the device only assume a small apartment/house with no need for extenders. With all the hassles people have (networking devices have REALLY poor usability, so that’s no surprise), why does not koalasafe sell its own extenders? You could have an existing wifi setup for the adults and a separate one for the kids. Having your own extenders would mean a super simple reliable install because you control the software/hardware (a la Apple). This entire thread would disappear.

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