Epic Educational reading app being blocked in Primary!



New user (2 weeks or so). I had “Primary” scheduled and on, it appears to be scheduled yet even educational apps that were working are not. Once I open up “Parent Mode” it’s fine.

To test I disabled “Parent Mode” and it was then allowed and connected. In Primary mode I even allowed the domain “epic.com” and I tried other domains with “epic” which I captured from the logs. Still nothing unless in parent mode. It WAS working!!

Anyone else experience this?



Below is my normal process for allowing sites. It works in either mode, you just need to try to access with the mode that you want as the “allow by me” will relate to the mode that you are in when it is blocked.

If my kids need access to a specific site i get them to try and if it is blocked it will show up in the usage as blocked. then i can tap on that entry and allow it in the whitelist (Sites allowed by me). It is just a bit easier that typing in the url myself.

Then you need to test again. Sometimes it will still be blocked because some sites use content from multiple domains. So once you allow the first blocked domain. Then it will progress further (although you may not see that) and it will get stuck on the next block.

Some sites are horrendous when it comes to using resources from multiple domains.

But often it takes 10-15 mins before that shows up in the app.



Yep, thanks. It was fixed the next day. I don’t think I was giving it the full 15mins to update. It’s currently working. Thanks for the advice.