DuckDuckGo - search engine


How can we add support for the number 3 search engine, ?

Under the filters for search engine, only Google and Bing are listed - can I somehow so that I can have my kids do searches without being tracked by corporate BigBrothers?

Thanks much!


Under filter options. Instead of picking categories select allowed by me. Then add the search engine site there.


Thanks for the response. Your suggestion is what I was forced to use, HOWEVER…
The issue there is that DuckDuckGo is a search engine that can be used to search for adult content.
When using the SearchEngine section where Google and Bing live, searches are limited to “safe” searches, and the link to disable adult content filtering is disabled.
Adding any other search engines to “allowed by me” allows adult content = bad.


I see. They would have to have some kind of safe search option then that koalasafe could leverage and in turn be able to include in their filtering. They used to be very quick to respond in this forum. It seems to be very quiet over the last year. :frowning: