Dome vs advanced set up - use with roku stick for streaming


I have been using the koala safe system for a while now. i have had success in all areas except the use of a “streaming device”. I currently use a roku stick for streaming but have not been able to use the koala system consistently with this device. As much as anything i would like to be able to control the wireless to the device and have the ability to limit the time that the device is available. I am using parental control within amazon prime and sling tv as far a the appropriately rated shows. I am seeing info on the new koala dome. What i am wondering is if the dome would be able to connect with the roku stick more consistently or if i should do an advanced set up with an extender…
looking for professional advice since i will most likely be making an investment in “hardware” anyway. Another factor i guess would be what is the typical life of the koala? I had hoped that we would need it “temporarily” but it seems that over a year down the road we still have been able to self manage usage. If i am approaching the life expectancy of the koala that may be a factor in my decision process if it seems that the dome is in fact powerful enough to meet my streaming control needs!