Dome not showing on WIFI


I have had the Dome for a few weeks an now the WIFI is not connecting. Its not showing up when you search WIFI, however the green WIFI light is on. On the diagnostics it states “Connected” and “No KoalaSafe” detected on network.



I’ve reset your Wifi to KoalaSafe and password 12345678 is it showing up again?
I think the right most button (reserved for future mesh) maybe corrupting the wifi settings.


Same issue here… Ended up removing the Dome and going back to our old KoalaSafe as I could not get the Dome to connect. Grrrr. Was really hoping the Dome would work. Bummed as the additional speed is needed at our house!


I had the same issue as well [mine was only one week old]
What we worked out that there was something wrong with my Dome & Steve send me one out & I got support to unpair the dome & set the replacement one & it`s working find.