Devices not showing as Connected


When I check on my Koala App, there are no devices connected to my Koala Dome, even when I power up a device that is connected via wire.

I had no problem with this in July; everything showed up exactly as expected.

For the most part, my children are able to still connect to the internet, and Koala appears to still be controlling internet access by time (not sure either way about app limits), however I’m not able to see a new device my daughter has, so I can’t give her access to use it (no, I’m not setting ‘Everyone Else’ to get all access… Windows 10 has a ‘rotating MAC Address’ feature!)


Edit: I have tried both Restarting the Koala via the App, and powering it off and back on. Neither had any impact on the problem.



I’m having this problem too. Did you find a solution ?



I’m having the same problem as will now